Dock Install Services Brainerd Lakes MN

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Docks do not just serve as utility devices, they are used by many clients as entertainment areas. If you need a dock install company, give us a call. We have adapted our services to suit the needs of each client. We offer the best Dock Install Services Brainerd Lakes, MN can offer and we are a reputable full-service dock company that resides in Minnesota. We have been building excellent docks for various property owners for years and we take pride in our reputable services. We pride ourselves on being dock installation experts through our customer service that is unmatched as we collaborate with our clients to evaluate and Dock Installation Brainerd MNaddress their unique preferences. Even in the best of cases, docks need repair. Recognizing that docks need repairs quickly needs a prepared team that can custom make fabrications to repair any issues on the site. We have a highly trained staff that has a lot of experience on any issue that affects the docks. We literally have a solution to any problem facing your docks.

Dock Install Brainerd, MN

Our company offers various docking services. We can help you acquire the necessary permits, install boat lifts, moorings and other dock related hardware. We deliver quality work to all of our clients in Minnesota.

Professional Dock Install Services

  • Custom wooden seasonal dock sections
  • Custom aluminum retractable docks
  • Aluminum Shoremaster docks in for both commercial and residential applications
  • custom wooden swim rafts
  • Moorings
  • Boatlifts
  • Crib dock repair and replacement
  • Aluminum framed swim rafts
  • Aluminum welding

Installing Docks from Beginning to End

We also provide consultation services and site assessment services to all our clients in order to understand your unique needs. We are not only specialists in the installation and repair of dock systems, those are part of the services we offer. Instead, we take care of business from the very first step of contact with our clients. Before any plans are set, we educate you on the laws of the State Department of Environmental Services. We assess the locations conditions in order to come up with the best product that can suit the lake conditions. We will take care of the whole process since some issues like permit acquisitions can be a strenuous process for you. We ensure that we follow up with all the relevant authorities throughout the review process.

Dock Installation Services Brainerd MN

Our charges are fair to our customers since we provide estimates on services depending on what you need. Our prices vary depending on the lake bottom, shoreline type, storage needs, and depth of the water.