Off-Season Security for Cabins & Lakeshore Property

Let Up North Up Keep take the worry out of owning your cabin or lake home. Gain peace of mind as we help keep your property safe and secure.

Our Off-Season Security Plan Includes:

  • Twice a month a thorough inspection of your property. (October to April)
  • Check for any evidence of vandalism, broken windows, or other visible damage
  • Check for water line breaks
  • Check for snow depth on the roof, ice build-up, or roof damage.
  • Any evidence of the above and you will be contacted immediately.
  • Otherwise you will receive a monthly report containing our inspection findings.
  • If you use a monitoring system for water leaks, low temperatures, etc, you can program your system to call us. Upon receiving a call from your system, we will follow-up with an investigation, contact the appropriate service to correct the problem, and notify you. If you wish, we can contact your insurance agent if you are traveling and not available,should damage occur at your cabin.
  • If you do not have a monitoring system we can review your needs and recommend one for you.

Off-Season Security Plan Costs:

  • The Security Off-Season Plan costs $90 per month.
  • Additional emergency visits are $45 per hour including travel time.
  • Customized plans are available to fit your needs.

For more information about having Up North Up Keep provide off-season security, please contact us today!