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Some of the most important and time consuming maintenance projects can be a pain, like deck painting & staining your Brainerd Cabin. But, nevertheless, these tasks have to be done. Otherwise your cabin and its condition will fade. Leave this cabin project up to the professionals that offer Deck Painting & Staining Services throughout Brainerd, MN. Keep your lake home looking lovely with the help of our Deck Painting & Staining Contractors.

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Deck Painting & Staining offers the Ultimate Protection

Brainerd Deck Staining & PaintingWe have all seen, walked on or even avoided a deck in less than good condition. No one wants that to happen to their cabin, if they can help it… Decaying, faded wood boards and splinters are all the result of a wooden deck that hasn’t been properly maintained. Deck maintenance can easily fall on the back burner with all the other cabin maintenance that needs attention. But in doing so, your cabin’s appearance and strength will dwindle.

What weakens Decking?

The natural elements take a toll on all of your exterior – deck included. UV rays, rain, sleet, snow, hail and high winds all contribute to the weakening of a deck as does constant traffic. Staining or painting your deck offers a layer of protection that helps keep the wood from fading, breaking and absorbing moisture.

How often should you Stain a Deck?

If your decking is wood, or you have a log cabin the outside wood surfaces should be stained every 2-3 years. This will ensure you get the most out of your cabin and its decking by reducing fading and other forms of deterioration.

Important Steps to Consider when Staining or Painting Decks

Brainerd Deck Staining ServicesEver see a bad paint or stain job? More than likely it is because the person rushed, did not prepare the surface and used the cheapest paint or stain possible. For decks with stains, it is important to clean any stained areas and be sure to sand any rough patches. Finding quality stain or paint is also a critical factor. Semi transparent wood stains are a popular choice, as are bright and colorful paints for a modern chic look.

Deck Staining & Painting Contractor Brainerd MN

Our Brainerd Deck Staining & Painting Contractors can help you from beginning to end. We can help you find the perfect stain or paint product, color, prepare & diligently apply the stain or paint to your exterior deck or cabin walls. We can stop by if you ever need a touch up and we will be here a couple years from now when it is time to reapply.

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