Crow Wing County Cabin Security

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Crow Wing County Cabin Security ChecksIt is getting chilly and many in the area head to warmer weather. If you are leaving your cabin for the season, don’t forget to find a professional for Crow Wing County Cabin Security. Up North Up Keep offers Off-Season Cabin Security Plans. Call 218-460-CARE to discuss your winter cabin security needs from October to April.

How Does our Crow Wing County Cabin Security Plan Work?

Twice each month our team will arrive at your cabin property to inspect its condition. We will report to you any findings in a monthly email. If we find something off about your cabin we will contact you quickly and directly.

Common Cabin Winter Issues

  • Often time ice dams can build up and threaten your cabin with water damage. Our crew can safely provide Cabin Ice Dam Removal.
  • If vandalism happens you will know much sooner, saving you money on repairs and we will tighten security going forward.
  • If your alarm goes off; we will be there asap.
  • Forgot to turn a light off, unplug a device or left the garage unlocked? Our Cabin Security Team will resolve all your winter cabin needs while you are far away.

What does our Crow Wing County Cabin Security Plan Cost?

  • Our Crow Wing County Cabin Security Plan Costs only $90 a month.
  • Additional Charges vary due to the work needed on your cabin. (i.e. Ice Dam Removal, Snow Removal, Sprinkler Blowouts, Repairs…)
  • Additional emergency visits are $45 per hour, including travel time.

Affordable Winter Cabin Security Plans for Brainerd, East Gull Lake, Baxter, Nisswa and the surrounding Crow Wing County areas.

Call us if you need someone to stop by today or contact us to set up your own individual cabin security plan for the long winter ahead. Have peace of mind knowing your cabin is safe and secure throughout the winter. Fill out our Online Form or call 218-460-CARE.