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Up North Up Keep offers exceptional Crow Wing County Cabin Cleaning Residential & Commercial. Whether you have a summer lake home, own a resort or rent out your cabin for a profit our professional cleaning team can give your cabin the detailing of its life. Select full-cabin cleaning services or pick and choose which services you want us to take over. We can follow a checklist or clean with no direction from you. Stop worrying about the mess and let our Cabin Cleaning Experts take care of it for you.

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Full Service & Stand Alone Deep Cabin Cleaning Service offered in Crow Wing County MN

  • Kitchens – Our cleaning professionals can clean your oven, microwave, dishes, countertops and even in your cupboards. Whatever your kitchen cleaning needs are we can help.
  • Living Rooms – Vacuuming, dusting, wood polish, entertainment center cleaning. Whatever you enjoy in your cabin living room we can keep tidy.
  • Bathrooms – Showers, toilets, sinks and floors all need a good cleaning. We can lighten your load by taking these cleaning projects on.
  • Bedrooms – Whether you need help organizing or figuring out how to get a stain out of your treasured rug our cleaning experts can take over the deep cleaning, as well as light cleaning.
  • Linens/Laundry – Keep your blankets fresh, sheets clean and towels ready any day with our cleaning services.

Special Detailing Services

Residential & Commercial Crow Wing County Cabin Cleaning MNWe offer guest checkout cleaning, weekly, monthly, seasonal and any other cleaning schedule that works for you specifically. Here are a few specialty cleaning services we have provided to clients.

  • End of Season Cabin Cleaning – Leaving for the winter? There is no need to come back to a cabin mess. Hire our experts to handle all your end of the season cabin cleaning needs.
  • Complete 1st Floor Cleaning – Many times the first floor of a lake home gets trampled on. When family is around there’s a lot more important things to worry about than the cleanliness of your cabin. Hire our cleaning professionals to tackle every square inch of your first floor.
  • Complete Cabin Cleaning – Don’t want to worry about a mess on any end of your cabin? Our comprehensive full cabin cleaning services will be sure to take your worries away and leave you with a sparkling clean cabin.

Crow Wing County Cabin Cleaning Residential & Commercial

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