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Your Brainerd Cabin, Lakehouse, also known as Home Away From Home offers many luxuries, however, Cabin Upkeep is not one of those many activities that would be considered luxurious, or even welcomed but with an affordable Cabin Services Brainerd Company you can get back to the Northwoods and leave all that maintenance in someone else’s, well-qualified hands. Up North Up Keep is a Brainerd Lakes Area Cabin Care Company that makes it our job to keep up with cabin maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and yard work – so you can get back to fishing, four wheeling, smores cooking and just plain relaxing. Why else would you invest in an up north retreat?!

Upkeep Services for New & Seasoned Cabin Owners

Whether you’re a new cabin owner or a seasoned one – land, vegetation, and cabins still call for maintenance, year in and year out. Our Professional Brainerd Cabin Care Company will help you uncover maintenance that has been overlooked and/or completely take over your ‘up-north honey to do list’.

Full-Services Cabin Upkeep

Exterior Cabin Services Brainerd

  • Exterior Cabin Services Brainerd MNGrass – The lawn at your lake home doesn’t take a vacation, not a single one. It grows vivaciously whether you are there to see it or not. We offer mowing services so that you can spend your time up north away from tick-infested tall grass and a lawnmower.
  • Trees – Matured trees offer a natural wall of privacy and added value to your property. But what grows up can also fall down, and quite quickly. Our staff, compete with an ISA Certified Arborist offers tree services which include tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming and vegetation management. Keep your Home Away From Home looking good and safe for all who come to visit.
  • Vegetation – Is brush obstructing your entrance, weeds mucking up your personal beach or your property becoming overgrown? Up North Up Keep has everything needed to professional clear areas where vegetation is undesired.
  • Leaves – Every fall the leaves hit the ground but there is not always time to rake them and send them on their way. Whether the ground is scattered with season old leaves or they are falling freshly from the trees our company will make it easy to keep up with the seasonal litter at your Brainerd Cabin.
  • Lake/Dock – Many Brainerd cabins are situated on a lake. When it is time to get your dock out for the season, instead of doing the back-breaking work for yourself, just dial our number and we will have it settled into its perfect spot for you so all you have to do is walk up and throw your line or sit nestled in a chair. We can also help you bring out your boats, jet skis and other water toys.
  • Shore – Step on an unwelcome rock? Is your shoreline looking ragged? Our professionals will clean up the shore around your property in whatever way you see fit. Just another thing you don’t need to sweat over.
  • Driveway – Gravel driveways are commonplace at many Brainerd Lake Homes. Our Cabin Care Company offer professional driveway grading so you don’t have to experience a bumpy road on the way to your getaway.
  • Gates – Gates are good at keeping things and people in and out. But when they are damaged and broken they do nothing but cause an issue. We inspect and repair gates around cabin properties so they do what they were intended for.
  • Decking – Staining, loose boards, and other issues will be resolved with the help of our Brainerd Cabin Upkeeping Company. Let us know what you need and you’ll be happy to see the results finished on time and ready for your enjoyment.

Interior Cabin Services Brainerd

  • Interior Cabin Services BrainerdCleaning – If the dust settles in your cabin, does it need to be cleaned? Of course, but it doesn’t have to be your task. Our company offers thorough interior cabin cleaning for your entire place: Kitchen(s), Bathroom(s), Bedroom(s), Livingroom(s), Dining Room(s), Loft(s), Etc.
  • Laundry – Remember when you were a kid and you came home from school with all your clothes washed, folded and put away in their place and fresh sheets and towels waiting? You can have that again, with the help of Up North Up Keep – but, unlike mother, we don’t accept payment in hugs and kisses.
  • Windows – Cleaning the glass – inside and out – dusting the blinds and cleaning the seals area a chore that nobody raises their hands to complete, well except us. We offer affordable window cleaning among other cabin cleaning services.
  • Flooring – Is your floor dirty? We can clean it. Is it damaged? We can repair it. Our Company has the ‘In’ with specialty contractors in the area and can either clean or repair your cabin ourselves or find a trustworthy and affordable professional to handle it immediately.
  • Plumbing – Need a new faucet? Got a clogged drain? Contact us and we will see that your issue is resolved promptly and professionally.
  • Heating – The nights and rainy days can get cold, even in the beautiful summer months. Our company’s first priority is your comfort and satisfaction. Contact us and your heat will be restored.
  • Alarm – Has your alarm tripped? Are you hours away with no way of quickly taking a look to see if it is a loose sensor or a break in? Contact Up North Up Keep and we will swoop by and ensure everything is on the up and up. If not, you will be immediately notified.
  • Attic – Many times cabins lay dormant over the winter, it is still a good idea to pop by and ensure there’s no leakage, ice dams or attic issues and our company will stop by so you don’t have to take that extra trip.
  • Basement – Heavy rain can lead to unwanted water in a basement. Cold and unpopulated cabins can lead to new animal neighbors. We will check your cabin thoroughly to ensure you have no surprises when you can finally make it back to your Home Away From Home.

Professional Cabin Services Brainerd

With all of our Cabin Services pledge to treat your cabin as if it were our own and ensure any services that may spring up on you will be taken care of in a professional manner. Contact Up North Up Keep for an easier Cabin Season ahead.

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