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Cabin Cleaning & Maintenance Brainerd, MN

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Don’t dread your cabin for its work, instead hire a pro to do the Cabin Cleaning & Maintenance in Brainerd, MN.

Maintaining a cabin is a task that should not be taken lightly. It is easy to clean a conventional house, but the log cabin has several issues which need to be addressed in a different way. We have experienced professionals who provide the best Cabin Cleaning & Cabin Maintenance Services Brainerd, MN has to offer you. As a company, we have specialized staff who take the time to clean and/or inspect your lake home throughout the year, on a weekly or even monthly basis, to assess if there are any outstanding issues. And if you are to find an issue that needs repair, we offer top of the line cabin cleaning and maintenance services within the Northwoods of Minnesota.

Cabin Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Log Cabin Dreams, Reality & Maintenance

When you dreamed of the perfect lake home, with rustic, unique and sturdy log designs and structure, it is possible your dreams didn’t include the maintenance that goes with the beauty of a log cabin or any cabin style for that matter. Cabin Maintenance should be performed regularly. Below are just some of the common Cabin Cleaning Services that we offer in Brainerd, MN.

Common Log Cabin Maintenance Services Provided:

  • Caulking – Logs that build the cabin tend to crack over time, this is due to the adjustment the logs have with the humidity and temperature variations in its environs. The logs tend to contract and swell leading to cracks. It is a normal phenomenon which is countered by caulking. This is the best solution for the first several years as the logs adjust to the moisture levels. We fill up larger cracks that go beyond a quarter of an inch with caulk formulated with sealant and stretch properties. We have the experience and knowledge of filling up larger checks. When you have a good maintenance plan around the cabin, it becomes easier to maintain the cabin.
  • Sealing – There are gaps that appear on windows and door bucks. Our specialized staff uses different products like insulating foam sealant to keep away the cold air that sneaks into the cabin at night. Our state of the art equipment helps us fill any size of gaps. We are here to ensure that your cabin temperatures are well maintained without the worry of cold air squeezing in from different places.
  • Gutters – It is important to control the drainage of your cabin since the logs can become dark and damaged if they are completely exposed to water. Our company can install great gutters and maintain them in an easy way. We also install downspout splash blocks to keep water from splashing on the logs. We offer different and long lasting roofing options that can suit your needs.

Brainerd Professional Cabin Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Log cabin maintenance is not an easy task, but we take it upon ourselves to offload that task from your hands into the hands of professionals who can create the best environment for you. Whether it is inside your northern retreat or dealing with the property our professionals are dedicated to providing you with your exact cabin care needs. Call 218-460-CARE