Brainerd MN Cabin Fall Yard Work Services

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Have you notice the beautiful trees are already changing in color? Enjoy the beauty because it means Fall Yard Work is soon to come! If you are looking for a professional for Brainerd MN Cabin Fall Yard Work Services you’ve found the right company! Up North Up Keep offers our Cabin Care services for every season Minnesota dishes out. Stop that achy back before it starts by hiring the professionals to complete all or some of your Fall Yard Work Projects.

Fall Yard Work Check List:

  • Leaf Raking – Fall leaf raking is a task many complete. Whether you mulch with your riding lawn mower, rake or use a blower it is back breaking work. Take a load off this fall by hiring a company for leaf removal.
  • Gutter Cleaning – If climbing a ladder to clean your gutters isn’t how you would like to spend your weekends; our cabin upkeep services will come in handy. Have someone else get that gunk out while you spend your time the way you would like when you contact us for Fall Gutter Cleaning Services.
  • brainerd mn dock removalDock Removal – It seems like just yesterday we were answering customer’s requests to install their dock for the summer. Now, as summer has passed, we can come out and remove your dock before the water freezes and risks the structural integrity of your dock.
  • Boat Removal – Along with removing your dock from the water, our professional cabin care team can take out your boats, jet skis, pontoons and other water toys and place them back in your garage or storage unit for the winter.
  • Pre-Winterizing Plants, Trees & Vegetation – Many plants and trees weather the winter better with mulch. If you want to see your flowers, bushes, shrubs and trees come back from winter with grace we can help. Our cabin care company can place mulch in needed areas on your cabin property.

Not Just Yard Work!

  • Pre-Winterizing Cabin – Up North Up Keep offers comprehensive cabin pre-winterizing. This can include shutting off the water supply, blowing out lines, adding antifreeze, shutting off electrical, heating and ensuring every entry/access point is locked and secured correctly.

Brainerd MN Cabin Fall Yard Work Services

For all your Fall Cabin Yard Work and Winterizing Service needs in Brainerd, MN contact Up North Up Keep at 218-460-CARE.

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