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Owning a cabin can be quite the handful at times. Because of that, it is always nice to have a team on standby. For when you can’t get the cabin issues as fast as they need tending to. Up North Up Keep is a Brainerd Cabin Maintenance & Repair Company that knows what we are doing. Add us to your contacts in your phone, so that you will be ready if anything unexpected were to come up and you need a team that you can trust.

Brainerd Cabin Maintenance & Repair Company with Networking Power

Our Cabin Upkeep Company is highly networked in the Brainerd Lakes area, which means if we can’t get the job done -personally- we know someone who can get it done.

We always have our customers best interest at hand. Price, affordability, time-frame, and many other factors play a role in our diverse cabin services.

Cabin Maintenance & Repairs We Provide in Brainerd:

  • Brainerd FirewoodPainting – Nothing changes the appearance of your cabin or lake home quite like a nice, crisp, new coat of paint. Add it’s an affordable improvement too! If you are ready for some new color in your cabin contact us for prompt and professional painting services.
  • Firewood – Do you need firewood? Or maybe you just need your current firewood hauled from here to there? Our Company can do the heavy lifting so you won’t need to strain yourself lifting that wood pile.
  • Appliance Repairs – Fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer or another appliance having an issue? Our team will promptly arrive, identify the issue and ensure repair is timely and effective.
  • HVAC – There are many issues that can happen with the HVAC system at your lake home. The one thing they all share is discomfort. From hot, muggy days to freezing winter temperatures. When you need HVAC repair in Brainerd contact our company for fast response.
  • Plumbing – Did someone loose a ring down the sink? Or is your toilet not flushing? Our Brainerd Maintenance & Repair Company has what it takes to find that ring or find a qualified plumber that can be out fast and get the job done right – without overpricing you.
  • Cabin Maintenance & RepairsWater Damage – Water damage means you need a solution quick. If there is water damage inside, first shut off the main water valve, then call us. Our team will get there ASAP to assess damages, bring fans and ensure your cabin gets restored and/or repaired properly. We also have extensive experience working with insurance claim adjusters.
  • Window & Door Repair – To keep your lake home secure you need functioning doors and windows. If they are compromised for whatever reason, we can repair them quickly, so you can rest peacefully that night.
  • Framing & Drywall – Want to finish off the basement of your cabin? Have some damaged drywall? Our company is who you should call in Brainerd, MN.
  • Flooring – Nothing receives quite as much contact as your cabin floors. If you have floor repair or replace in mind, our contractors can finish the projects.
  • Cabin Opening & Closing Services – Want an extra hand opening or winterizing you Brainerd Cabin? Up North Up Keep will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

For unbeatable services & resources in the Brainerd Area contact Up North Up Keep for all your Cabin Maintenance & Repair Needs at (218) 460-CARE.

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