Experienced Gravel Driveway Grading Service

With gravel driveways comes the tendency for them to become washboarded – which as you may know is not the most friendly surface to drive on. Mother nature and general traffic create buildups of gravel in the middle and the sides creating these washboards. At Up North Up Keep we provide experienced grading services to remove these buildups and bring your gravel driveway back to new!

Professional Grading Equipment

Our grading services are done without the need of large, heavy equipment on your property. Landscaping is not an issue to avoid and minimal disruption of vegetation is our goal. With the use of a bobcat and professional grading tools we can remove buildups, eliminate hard and soft spots and distribute gravel evenly along your entire driveway. A finishing rake allows us to leave behind a perfectly groomed surface that supports the longevity of your driveway.

Free Estimates For Your Driveway

Contact Up North Up Keep for a free grading estimate today at 218-460-CARE!